Our mission at Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes is to
investigate claims of the paranormal and find scientific
evidence of such.  We use a wide range of the latest
scientific tools that have been developed specifically to
investigate paranormal activity.  The investigations we
conduct are free.  All investigations will remain
confidential unless otherwise agreed to.     
We are located in the Finger Lakes region of central NY

Our base area is in Ithaca NY

Please contact us by sending an e-mail to:  
Or you can call us at  607-342-1771
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Ghost Hunters
of the
of the
Finger Lakes
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*Be sure to check Our News Page as it always has the most
recent   information about our group there!  Do you have photos you
want us to look at?  Submit them to us via e-mail.  Thanks!  
*  Our group was  featured in
the October 2010 issue of the
Mountain Home magazine

*   Here is a link to a You tube video
created by some Ithaca College
students doing a project on the
paranormal.  They interviewed our
group as part of the project.

Check it out here :

Ithaca College Paranormal
* Here is a link to an article written
about a year ago by another IC student.  
He tagged along with us on one of our
investigations and wrote the following for
a class project. You'll need a pdf
reader/viewer to see the article.
* 03-19-14 Check out the news page for updates