*  These EVPs are generally
found in the background of the
audio clip so, you may need a
good set of headphones to hear
them. Let the audio load and then
listen to each one.  You may need
to listen  several times to hear
what is being said
Page 2
This EVP we caught sounds strangely
like a bullet wizzing by
This sound was caught in an area
where we had left the recorder and  
gone elsewhere.  It's very loud.  Was
something trying to get our attention?
Here we get an answer from a little girl
This EVP is hard to hear.  After asking
a question it sounds like something says
"kill them"
In this EVP you'll hear a chuckle in the
background and a voice that says
This EVP was caught while investigating
at the Hotel Clarence.  There were
reports of broken wine bottles in the
morning when the staff there opened the
wine cellar.  We asked why they were
breaking the bottles.  We received what
sounds like a whole sentence but can't
make out what it says.  Let us know if you
have an idea.
This EVP was caught using our ghost
box.  When we asked if there was a little
boy here it answered "are here"
This is another spirit voice using our
ghost box that says his name is "Joe".  
When we ask again if it can tell us his
name it says "I did".
This EVP can be heard right after the
home owner says "whats that".  It
responds by saying "no one".
In this EVP you'll hear what sounds like
a voice with an English accent say
"someone here?".
This voice was caught on the ghost
box after we asked for the spirits
name.  It says "Al Jewet"  twice.  This
person had a connection with the
place we were investigating.