BBQ Chicken Recipes

Delicious Leftover BBQ Chicken Recipes

When you have had a party at home and have prepared large quantities of BBW chicken, you are more likely to have some leftovers. If the quantity is less, you need not really bother but when there are lots you might think what to do with leftover bbq chicken. BBQ chicken usually tastes best when consumed fresh and may not taste the same the next day. However, with delicious recipes using leftover BBQ chicken, you can treat yourself and your family with a special lunch or dinner the following day.

Chicken Salad

The best way to consume leftover chicken is by preparing a salad using it. You can use lots of fresh veggies along with your favourite sauces, cream, mayonnaise and some cheese grated on top. The best veggies to use for this salad are tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, onions and some cherries. Make the leftover bbq chicken into smaller pieces and mix well with the salad. Just let it sit in your fridge for an hour as it tastes best for lunch when its cold.

Pasta Bakes

These are the all-time favourites for family dinner time and your kids will love it too. You can mix the pasta with lots of creamy sauces and cheese. Then shred the leftover bbq chicken and mix well before you set it to bake. Once ready, you can cut slices out of the baked chicken pasta and serve it with veg salad and some wine to go with it.

Chinese Fried Rice

Fried rice is the best food where you can add a twist by using leftover bbq chicken. You can cut the chicken into smaller pieces and pan fry using some soya sauce, olive oil and some paprika to give a spicy flavour. It is best to add this preparation while making the fried rice and you can relish a tasty chicken fried rice the BBQ way.